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Whether you are just testing the water or already embarking on an international adoption journey, we are happy to see you at our site.  Sailing the stormy seas of international adoption may be difficult and risky, especially in today's ever-changing political climate. We are always there for you every step of the way, from careful planning and preparation, throughout your journey, and upon return.  Our knowledge and expertise stem from helping tens of families find their children in Bulgaria, Ghana, Guatemala, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.  Our commitment to adoptive parents grows out of respect and admiration for those who open their hearts and homes to kids who need them the most.  Our dedication to orphaned and abandoned kids is based on love, faith, and hope that together we can make their dreams come true.

WHO are we?
About A Child is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity, licensed as an international adoption agency in the state of Iowa.  We are a small, personable agency, Hague-accredited by the Council On Accreditation since February 29, 2008.

WHAT do we do?
We assist families in USA and abroad with many aspects of international adoption.  Sometimes in person, and sometimes over the phone and e-mail we educate and prepare adoptive parents for what's to come during and after their adoption.  We provide comprehensive step-by-step dossier compilation guidance and make sure it is prepared and translated up to the foreign authorities' standards.  Our overseas coordinators help with translation, interpretation, and legal aspects of adoption, as well as overall logistics and accommodation of traveling families' needs. 

WHEN to adopt?
It is never too late to grow your family through adoption.  Many countries have no upper age limits or may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  There are, however, some lower-age limits as well: U.S. government requires single mothers to be at least 25 years old when adopting internationally and many countries have lower age limits or minimal age gap requirements between parents and children.   

WHERE to adopt from?
Choosing a country may be the most difficult decision once an international route is selected.  About A Child currently assists families to adopt from Bulgaria, Ghana, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.  Our families may switch between programs at any time or pursue several programs simultaneously.  We currently have two offices in Iowa and California, but are able to assist families residing in all 50 states and abroad.  We have experience helping families living or stationed in Barbados, Germany, Ireland and Japan.

WHY adopt overseas?
International adoption is often more expensive, stressful and demanding than domestic one, yet thousands of families each year still choose to travel abroad to find their child.  Some countries are more accepting of older parents, some programs give adoptive parents more flexibility in choosing their child, and no adoptions finalized abroad can be reversed by birth families.  These are all practical reasons, yet the most compelling ones come from the heart - kids all around the world need loving homes and forever families.

HOW to get involved?
About a Child pays at least $500 out of each adoption service fees to the orphanage for those children left behind (whenever permissible by the local authorities).  In addition, we provide financial assistance to orphanages in Africa, Asia and Europe, in their capital renovation projects.

More than material support, these kids need to know they are not alone in the world, and even a one-time individual sponsorship will bring immeasurable joy and a boost of self-confidence to an orphan.  Please contact us to see where the greatest needs are at the moment and how you can get involved. 




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