As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization About A Child relies on charitable contributions to fulfill its mission. About A Child, in soliciting or accepting gifts, shall clearly represent the organization’s policies and mission which might pertain to this exchange and honor all statements about the use of the contribution. About A Child shall always disclose to potential donors important and relevant information. Every gift will be promptly acknowledged, and donors will be informed of how the gift will be recognized. Specific requests about acknowledgment will be honored consistent with About A Child’s practices and policies. About A Child reserves the right to refuse a gift if it is determined to be in conflict with the About A Child’s mission.  This policy pertains to sponsored and/or collaborating projects of About A Child as well.

Your contribution may be designated for a specific program or it may be left undesignated, available for meeting About A Child’s highest priorities.

Please note that if you’d like your monetary donation to go towards an orphanage or an individual orphan abroad, you must still provide an unrestricted donation if you want to get a tax write-off per IRS Publication 526. About A Child does not guarantee an unrestricted donation going to a particular child if there are more immediate and important needs falling within About A Child’s charitable purpose, and per IRS policy, About A Child remains in control of distributing the donated funds at all times. If you wish your gift to be restricted, be sure to indicate your preference in a cover letter.

About A Child reserves a right to use a portion of the donation towards its administrative costs associating with delivery of charitable goods or services to the recipients.  Any such administrative costs are disclosed in advance the donation is received and mentioned in the tax receipt together with the portion that was actually spent on charitable goods or services and therefore considered tax-deductible.

About A Child will not assume any indebtedness in connection with a gift. Any donations received will not influence About A Child’s intake policy or child placement policy.  Any contributions made by the adoptive families are closely examined at the annual internal financial review by the Board of Directors. If the Board determines strong possibility of abuse, an internal investigation may be conducted resulting in administrative action up through termination of working relationship with the employee, officer or supervised service provider. Any donations made by About A Child on adoptive family’s behalf to an orphanage or foster home where an adopted child has resided are always made after adoption has been finalized and such donation will not influence child’s placement.

Contributions must support and enhance the mission and purpose of About A Child. Contributions which subject the organization to burdensome or unusual restrictions will not be accepted.

Associated expenses with the conveyance of a gift made to About A Child are to be borne by the donor.

About A Child assumes that donors rely on their own personal advisors for tax, legal, financial and other advice concerning their gifts.

About A Child does not solicit personal information about donors and only collects information required for donation’s financial processing.  About A Child does not share donors’ information with outside organizations other than IRS when required by law.  About A Child does not share donors names on our website, social media, or printed materials without donors prior consent.

About A Child relies on SSL technology to protect and secure donations made over the web and donor’s private information.

Charitable donations may be received in the form of cash, personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks at the About A Child’s administrative address in California. Donations of goods and services are accepted on a case-by-case basis.