Are you an adoption agency licensed in all states you operate in?

We are licensed in the state of Iowa as aninternational adoption agency. Our California office is not licensed as a placement agency but is a registered adoption facilitator. This office performs purely administrative and casework support services, which is allowable under California jurisdiction. We only provide homestudy services to Iowa families, not California ones.

Do you work with families outside of Iowa?

We provide full international adoption services including homestudy and post-placement evaluations only to Iowa residents. We can assist families from other states and outside the country with the “international” portion of the adoption process if families are able to obtaine a homestudy locally. More than half of our families reside too far away for in-person contact, but we are able to provide high level of support through prompt e-mail and phone communication, including overseas.

Do you provide any adoption grants?

We recently started our adoption grants program, and hope to expand it soon to assist more families, but at present we are focusing our efforts on helping families adopt older and special-needs children who have difficult time finding new families. In addition to grants, we also waive all state-side fees for our families adopting children with disabilities. Honoring our troops, we also offer reduced service fees to military families stationed both home and abroad.

How do you spend the money received in service fees?

A large portion of the service fees we receive covers administrative expenses associated with adoption case management. All profits are distributed between our Medical Assistance and Adoption Grant programs.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

About A Child has received 501c(3) status from IRS, and qualified donations to our organization are tax deductible. We still recommend, whenever possible and convenient, making donations directly to aid recipients or their representatives abroad. We would be happy to receive donations directly and transfer in bulk on your behalf to save on international money wire fees. We try our best to spend the minimum percentage on administrative expenses (i.e. wire fees), so that as much as possible would go towards the children. Please see our Charitable Donations Policy for more details.

Can I make a donation to your organization online?

To accept donations online, any organization is required to seek permission from 37 states. Because we try to cut our administrative costs to a minimum, we do not accept any online donations at this time. We appreciate any donations we receive by regular mail.