No matter how a child enters into a family, either through birth or adoption, the parents must prepare for the long-waited arrival in so many ways.

Future Mom- and Dad-to-be must educate themselves on what to expect when they bring their child home, they must make financial and care-giving arrangements and change their lifestyle to accommodate the needs of their newest family member.

For some families, the process of adoption may turn out to be a lot more involved and demanding than pregnancy with many unknowns and uncertainties. While simple questions of “when is the child coming home” will be answered in due time, others, like a child’s prenatal health history, may always remain a mystery.

Adoption, especially international adoption, often demands high emotional, financial and time commitment from parents. Moreover, once the adoption process itself is over, adoptive parents may face additional challenges, including child’s adjustment, attachment, undisclosed health issues, etc.

Most of the challenges faced by adoptive parents before, during and after the adoption process can be resolved with careful preparation, planning, education and outside help. There are myriads of resources available to families to make their adoption journey easier, less stressful and more affordable.