Pre-Adoption Counseling

C.A.S.E. Family Support Center – Burtonsville, MD and Burke, VA

Barker Foundation – Bethesda, MD

Yale International Adoption Clinic – New Haven, CT

Post-Adoption Counseling

The Attachment Clinic -Charlottesville, VA

Attachment and Trauma Specialists – Kirkland, WA

Evergreen Psychotherapy Center – Evergreen, CO

Christopher J. Alexander, PhD – Albuquerque, NM

Jennifer Cain, PhD – New York State

Booksand Videos

Young Children and Trauma: Intervention and Treatment by Joy D. Osofsky
This book is written specifically for counselors and therapists, but could be also useful for adoptive parents whose children are seeking help in dealing with traumatic events of their past.  It could be of help when establishing parent-counselor relationship and goals in the child’s treatment plan.

Rebuilding Attachments With Traumatized Children: Healing from Losses, Violence, Abuse, and Neglect by Richard Kagan
This book is not targeted specifically at internationally adopted kids, but provides a general therapeutic guidance for helping troubled children move beyond the traumatic experiences that haunt them. It explains how to understand and surmount the impact of loss, neglect, separation, and violence on children’s development and how to discover and foster strength.   Once again, it is directed mainly at professionals rather than parents, but also includes a workbook specifically for kids.