Books and Videos

The Handbook of International Adoption Medicine: A Guide for Physicians, Parents, and Providers by Laurie Miller

As described by an adoptive mom, the book’s contents include a review of available literature on the more common medical issues by country/region. It also addresses prenatal exposure risks (e.g., to alcohol, drugs, smoking, and stress), immunization issues, travel and transition to the adoptive family, growth and development, infectious diseases, neurological/cognitive/behavioral problems, and other topics. Not surprisingly, the book has somewhat of a clinical feel but for all that is highly readable for the layperson.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Integration Issues by Lindsay Biel and Nancy Peske

Sensory Integration issues are quite common in internationally adopted children and this book provides a good overview of the range of issues as well as practical solutions for everyday life.

Medical Issues In International Adoption by Dr. Julia Bledsoe, Dr. Jana Johnson and Dr. Jerri Jenista

This video of a workshop presents data from ongoing North American and European studies on medical issues in internationally adopted children. The presenters, leading IA doctors, also discuss which countries have the healthiest children and the most accurate medical records.

International Adoption Doctors

Directory of International Adoption Clinics by State – Dr. Benikova, although not listed in most International Adoption medical directories, is highly recommended by adoptive families adopting from Ukraine for providing time-critical evaluation and assistance during the trip. – Dr. Aronson’s site provides a wealth of medical resources and articles on most common issues in internationally adopted children – Dr. Gindis’ site provides services and information on psychological evaluation and treatment, especially useful for families adopting older children from Eastern Europe – Dr. Ragu and Dr. Reily’s site contains a great archive of short articles on many different medical issues identified in internationally adopted children – Dr. Federici is an undisputed expert in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Institutional Autism and other related issues in internationally adopted children. – Dr. Downing’s site is useful for anyone adopting from the former Soviet Union as it includes the most comprehensive overview and interpretation of Russian medical reports – Dr. Gordina’s site contains a number of articles on some of the less-exposed issues of international adoption


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