Travel Agencies & Insurance

Exactos TravelRouslana Yaroslavsky at (650) 592-4415

Rouslana Yaroslavsky is the preferred travel partner for About A Child and we receive no monetary or other incentives by highly recommending her for any type of travel. Rouslana understands the unique needs and flexibility requirements of adoptive parents and About A Child can reach her in the middle of the night in case of an emergency for an adoptive family stranded overseas. Rouslana can also assist families with Russian visas and invitations.

Raptim TravelMarie Brunner at (716) 405-6022

Raptim Travel issensitive to the needs of adoptive parents. They seek low and flexible fares, convenient itineraries and amenities like extra baggage for families carrying orphange donations. Marie is available during business hours to answer any questions not addressed on the web site.

Rowland EnterprisesLonnie Rowland at (615) 566-9085

Lonnie Rowland is well-known among Ukrainian adoptive parents, especially for special services like VIP Service at Borispol Airport to get through Passport Control, Customs and Immigration.

Tips For Purchasing Travel Insurance – A nice overview by

Travel Protectors – An affordable travel insurance for families traveling for less than 30 days.


Guatemala – No Visas Required for U.S. and E.U. Citizens

Hungary – No Visas Required for U.S. and E.U. Citizens

Latvia – No Visas Required for U.S. and E.U. Citizens

Russia – Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Ukraine – No Visas Required for U.S. and E.U. Citizens

Uzbekistan – Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

U.S. Embassies Abroad Travel & Security Advisories

Guatemala – U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hungary – U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary

Latvia – U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary

Russia – U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia

Ukraine – U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Kyiv

Uzbekistan – U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Books and Videos

The Travel Doctor by Mark Wise
This book is a good reference for any traveler, but Dr. Wise does a good job in his book and web site, touching the issues of adoption travel.

The Rough Guide to Guatemala (3rd Edition)
This most up-to-date (2006) travel guide to Guatemala could be a nice introduction to culture and heritage of your new child and may provide a good overview even if you prefer to stay at the hotel with your new child.

Lonely Planet Hungary (5th Edition)
This recently published (2006) guide is a big help when traveling to Hungary. Naturally focusing more on Budapest, it also gives a good coverage on day-long excursions and the resort Balaton region many adoptive families choose to brighten up their stay.

Latvia: The Bradt Travel Guide (4th Edition)
Unfortunately, most guides combine Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in one already thin reference to Baltic states, and this book published in 2005 makes for a nice exception.

Lonely Planet Russia & Belarus(4th Edition)
This recently published (2006) guide does a god job covering regions outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg for families adopting from more provincial regions.

Lonely Planet Moscow(3rd Edition)
Whether you are adopting from Moscow city or staying there for just a few days to wrap up your adoption, this recently published (2006) guide will help you not to get mugged, lost or simply bored.

Lonely Planet Ukraine (1st Edition)
Sadly, there are very few good travel guides to Ukraine. Lonely Planet makes the best attempt, but written during the Orange Revolution in 2005, it unfortunately gives a somewhat lopsided perspective of the Ukrainian politics and barely touches on pro-Russian regions of Eastern Ukraine.

Lonely Planet Central Asia (3rd Edition)
Good travel guides on Uzbekistan are hard to find, and the most comprehensive yet easily accessible book we could find was published in 2004 by Lonely Planet.

Travel Tips

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10 Adoption Travel Tips – iVillage reprint of Adoptive Families article.

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