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How to Keep Their Culture Alive: Black Hair Care

Hello again, my name is Kristen Kimball and I am an adoptive mama to three kiddos. We walked with About a Child to bring our first two kiddos home from Uganda and adopted our littlest from our local community. The purpose of this blog is simply to share some of the things I have learned […] Read more


How To Keep Their Culture Alive : Cooking Ugandan Food

In the coming months, I will be working along side many adoptive parents from across the country to bring you a segment I will call “How to Keep Their Culture Alive”.  I am going to start by sharing some ways my family promotes our children’s Ugandan culture in the kitchen. Now, some of you will […] Read more


Introducing the Blogger

My name is Kristen Kimball and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself! I will be walking along side the staff at About a Child to keep you up to date on current events and topics in the adoption world, as well as tell the stories of families who have journeyed through the adoption […] Read more