Some kids seem to be born doctors, or teachers, or even comedians. Alex was born to be an engineer: his analytical mind, keen interest in technology and ability to concentrate on most complex mathematical problems all seem to point out to that.

Alex was asked to draw a reachable dream, so he has drawn five bicycles, one with himself on it, and four others just for fun (or maybe waiting for his friends). He has also written up a short commentary:

Alex_dream“Since childhood, I wanted to have a bicycle. There was just once bicycle in my life I could call my own, but it was stolen. I used to go to a summer camp which had a bicycle club called “Seven Winds.” We not only rode our bikes, but also made repairs and often modernized them. We also learned how to ride safely on a busy road with lots of cars. Now I live in an orphanage and cannot have a bicycle, but I continue to dream about it. This sport strengthens our health, especially in our kind of ecology. So I dream about a bicycle and I ask my dream to come true for me.”

We thank Lawrence D. from Ozark, AL, for granting Alex’s wish.

Update: the orphanage director has informed us that an American family has adopted Alex and given him the most precious gift of all — a home and a family.