Everyone knows that all kids coming from the orphanages have been traumatized (to varying degree) by being institutionalized even for a few months. This little boy, however, is literally scarred for life.

In a tragic accident that we know very little about, this boy has received extensive hot water burns on his chest, stomach, neck, and a little bit on the face. After that, his parents have been stripped of their parental rights for neglect and he has been admitted to the orphanage where he has flourished into a delightful toddler, much to the joy of his caretakers.

At the moment Aleksey is a happy little boy, but what awaits him in the future? No family has opened their heart to him, and his caretakers understand that most likely he will spend the rest of his life in the orphanage.

Help AlekseyWhat will happen with his extensive scars, would it impede his body growth in any way? Would he develop any contractures in the future? A lot of these questions cannot be answered right away. The doctors at the small Siberian town care more about keeping Aleksey somatically healthy than seeking any burn treatment, which is realistically out of their reach.

We are still gathering more information at what can be done for Aleksey, but we hope that something can be done to change his life to the better.

04/15/06 Update: Soon after we learned of Aleksey, we also found out local authorities in his region are introducing more restraints on adoption. Unable to assist with Aleksey’s adoption ourselves, we have referred a family that contacted us about him to another larger and more established agency. We are happy to report that little Aleksey is now home in USA and his new parents will see he gets all the necessary treatment.

09/23/06 Update: When Aleksey, now Alex, arrived home to USA, his parents found out he is also profoundly deaf on both ears as a result of bacterial meningitis. On August 8 Alex had an operation for a cochlear implant in his right ear. They will turn it on Sep 28 for the first time and we will know if he can hear. The Shriners Burn Center in Cincinnati has also examined Alex and determined that at the moment he only needs annual check-ups. Despite his unexpected medical issues, his family is very happy to have him and Alex is very happy to be their son. He is a joyous little boy, running and jumping everywhere and playing with his big brother. We thank everyone for your prayers for Alex and hope for some good news on September 28.

06/09/08 Update: We were very happy to hear from Alex’s family again:
In sept of 07 Alex had surgery again for his cochlear implant when it was found that the elctrodes had migrated and were doing him no good. The surgery was sucessful in that he came out of it great. Still at this time he does not respond much if at all to sound. We keep praying and working with him on it.

He has been attending public school for 2 years now in the preschool program. He has a sign teacher 1 hr a day and an interpreter the whole time he is there. He is very smart. They recently tested him before he got out of school and he tested as a 5 1/2 to 6 yr old level for a hearing child! Alex is learning sign language so fast and we are way behind but we are trying. He is so witty, and tries to run the class. We love the teachers and helpers that we have been blessed with for Alex and they really do love and care for him.

He is such a joy to have in our lives.