Daniel is a 3 year old boy living in in a poor area of Accra, Ghana.  As small as he is, he begged his mother to take him to church each week, and the family now attends weekly!  In fact, Daniel likes the church so much that he often takes refuge there during the day while his mother goes to sell food stuffs at the market.  Other days he may accompany his mother into the market, which isn’t a safe environment for little children.

Because Daniel is the 4th born in his family, his parents are unable to afford the cost of education.  In Ghana children begin formal education at a very young age, so Daniel is already considered a “late-starter.”  He would like very much to be able to experience school like his older brothers do, if only it was financially possible.

Daniel’s education can be provided for $35 per month, paying tuition, providing books, and a school uniform.  This is a huge obstacle to his family, but not to many generous American families.  Might you welcome Daniel into your heart today?