Dasha is a very special girl, a real princess from the “Roman Holidays”.  She may be upright and reserved with strangers, but turns back into a lively six-year old girl when surrounded by peers.  A new vistor at the orphanage may not find it easy to bring a smile on her face, but when she smiles, it is royal treat.

Dasha’s young mother lost her parental rights only a few months ago, and Dasha misses having a family dearly.   She loves playing “pretend family” with dolls, and even helps caretakers sew toy bedding to keep her dolls warm at night.  She promises never to leave them to cry alone, like she used to herself.  But every pretend play at an orphanage has an early ending – the dolls are few and must be shared by everyone.  Dasha dreams of a doll that would love her and her alone as her “Mommy”.  And she hopes her Mommy — real, warm, and loving, is dreaming the same dreams.

It doesn’t take so much to turn on the light switch and make a dreary day outside into a festivity.  A new dress and a new doll all for Dasha to love.  And a shy smile to say “thank you” to Patricia, one kind woman from Northern California, who made it all possible.