This sweet girl with sad eyes has had a rough start in life.  Ingrid was severely delayed when she was admitted to the orphanage and the doctors have routinely labeled her as oligophrenic, or in other words, with no prospects at a normal life.  At the orphanage Ingrid has made great strides, she started to walk, talk, interact with other children, but her caretakers and orphanage doctor agree she needs a lot more help and individual attention to make further progress and eventually be integrated into the system for “normal” kids.  Without this extra “push,” Ingrid is doomed to a life in institutions for imbeciles.

Ingrida_drawingHer current diagnosis includes developmental and emotional delays, mental retardation F70.1, motor delays, acute bronchitis, farsightedness and cross eyes.  Based on her diagnosis, doctors recommend a treatment course at the leading Latvian Rehabilitation CenterBaltezers, where Ingrid would be able to receive individual and group physical therapy, occupational therapy, thermal therapy, mineral baths and massage.  Most importantly, Ingrid would spend her days with her primary therapist who will devote herself entirely to Ingrid, giving the little angel what she needs most – some individualized attention and unprejudiced appreciation of her abilities.

The rehabilitation course costs 400 lat, which is approximately $800.  We hope that after this course Ingrid could get a reassessed diagnosis and with it a chance at life and education in a “regular” orphanage, and maybe even a new family.

With a little extra help from the teacher, Ingrid is able to do art and crafts together with other kids in her group.  Although her sunflower will never be mistaken for Van Gough’s, she has a chance to lead a normal life and that chance depends on your support.

12/15/06 Update: We are very grateful to Cheryl B. for $100 donation towards Ingrid’s rehabilitation course.  

12/20/06 Update: We have received an anonymous donation of $150 from a generous family and decided to apply it towards Ingrid’s rehabilitation course.  

03/07/07 Update: We have received an anonymous donation of $500 from a very generous and caring family towards Ingrid’s rehabilitation course that she will start in the next couple of weeks.  

10/15/07 Update: We were happy to hear that Ingrid’s rehabilitation course has helped her tremendously.  Her next evaluation has removed the diagnosis of oligophreny and replaced it with mild to moderate retardation.  Because of that, a local Latvian family took an interest in Ingrid and started visiting her and occasionally taking her home.  We don’t know what the future holds for Ingrid, but it is definitely brighter and happier than it could have been.