Lord Tennyson has once wrote ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.  Most of the time, eight-year old Irina would agree: though she was placed in the orphanage five years ago, the first three years of her life she lived at home and knows what a beautiful thing family is.  She yearns for another chance to prove herself a wonderul daughter, but in her home country, these chances are slim to none.  Her diagnosis – 2nd/3rd stage of HIV+ – is considered to be highly lethal and contageous.  It will be years before enough people can be educated about AIDS and stop looking at those infected with the virus as second-class citizens.IrinaHIV1

At the moment, Irina is considered to be developmentally on target not just emotionally and academically, but physically as well.  There is no requested need for treatment for her in addition to what she receives at the orphanage, but we are hoping for sponsors to brighten Irina’s life with some presents and/or funds to buy fruits and vegetables (for the entire group) to boost her immune system.

Update: Irina has found a new large family in USA. Her new parents and siblings love her to pieces and show her their care and affection every day.