Joshua is a 10 year old boy living in Accra, Ghana, with his parents and four siblings.  Joshua occassionally comes to church with his mother on Sundays.  His mother works for just a few dollars a day (when converted to US currency) washing other people’s laundry.  Joshua’s father works hard as a self-taught carpenter, but construction work is often off and on.  At this time, he can only provide for the family’s very basic needs.  If he was a professionally-trained carpenter, Joshua’s father could earn a decent salary.  While he is not currently looking for additional training for himself, he hopes his son, Joshua, might get a better life if only he goes to school.

It only costs $35 a month for Joshua to go to school, but his family cannot afford to pay it.  We are hoping for a generous donor who would give Joshua and his family a chance at a bright future.  The family dreams that Joshua will someday graduate Senior Secondary School so that he can break the cycle of poverty that surrounds them!

04/09/13 Update: Joshua has found his sponsor!  A generous family giving a loving home to another child from Joshua’s home country has stepped forward to help pay Joshua’s education expenses as well.