A three-year old Katya is a joyful, slightly mischevious bundle of energy.  All orphanage caretakers admit they cannot keep up with her.  Some even joke she should have been born a boy so that when she grows up, she could play soccer (in Kazakhstan a sport still exclusive to men.)

Everybody thought Katya doesn’t like quiet games and up till now she seemed to ignore most dolls.  Maybe it was because before Katya did not have a doll or a toy to call her own.  In her orphanage, there are not enough toys to go around and for Katya, active games are understandably preferrable to waiting in line for a chance to play with a doll.

And then, a little miracle happened, though for Katya it did not seem little at all.  A family from far-away America sent some money specifically for Katya so that she would have something of her own.  The orphanage said Katya needed a new warm jacket, so it was purchased first, but there was still something left just for her, and Katya has chosen a very American Mickey Mouse.Katia_present

When she was asked to smile for the camera, she froze for a second and then asked: “But this Mickey Mouse is really mine?  If that American family doesn’t like me in the photo, can I still keep the Mickey?”

We thank a special fairy family Jackie, Aaron and Chloe from Ottawa, IL, for granting Katya’s wish and her very own first toy.

Katya’s smile has touched many hearts, and we would like to thank Patricia from Northern Califirnia, for giving Katya the joy of the new dress and a new doll.


Update: Unfortunately, we have lost touch with Katya’s orphanage and know nothing of Katya’s fate.  Wherever she is now, we hope she finds someone to love and take care of her!