Little Lisa doesn’t mind the mandatory haircut too much, she is a real tomboy when it comes to running, playing ball and energizing everything and everyone around her in the process.

But there is one “girly” weakness Lisa can’t hide – her love for sweets.  In her imagination, paradise probably looks a lot like a candy store except that she has never been to one.  She gets to try some sweets a few times each year during major holidays or when some of her group mates share some treats from their visitors.  Lisa has nobody to spoil her with much-beloved candy; when offered a lolly pop, she loses her adorable smile and tries to understand why would someone give up such a treasure… to her!

Her caretakers genuinely believe Lisa has little chance to find a new family – she is too loud, too independent, too curious and too expressive to become a “good daughter” in an Asian society.  Most importantly, five-year old Lisa is “too old” to be adopted by any of the local families.

Lisa desperately wants to be noticed and appreciated, but her harmless pranks bring nothing but scorn.  Our coordinator thought Lisa to be very sweet and felt maybe the staff doesn’t like her as much because she is one of the few Caucasian kids in the orphanage.

Lisa desperately needs a friend, somebody to send something just for her, especially during the holidays time when some of the kids get to go home or at least receive presents and treats from their relatives.

Thanks to several sponsors, we were able to give children at Lisa’s orphanage a true holiday.  Even more than her new doll, Lisa enjoyed reading cards and notes from her sponsors.  Even after everyone has left the room, she has been carefully folding all her notes in a bag as a most precious keepsake.

We encourage everyone touched by a sparkle of hope in Lisa’s eyes to continue sponsoring her on a regular basis so that she would always remember how special she is.

Due to a quarantine, our coordinator wasn’t able to make it to the orphanage on February 19, Lisa’s Birthday, to bring the presents and party treats from one of Lisa’s most loyal sponsors. However, when our coordinator finally made it on March 7, Lisa was simply ecstatic. She kept hugging and kissing the messenger and thanking her and a far-away fairy for such an amazing day, filled with candy, apples, a new dress, a toy elephant, and a party just for Lisa. Caretakers are saying Lisa is behaving “more ladylike” since the last visit and they think that’s because she finally has a stimulus to be a good girl!

Please don’t betray Lisa’s new trust and continue sponsoring her.

In 2009, Lisa found her forever family and came home to Ohio.   May all her wishes come true now!