Once in a while, we encounter situations, for which there seem to be no solution.  Marat is a charming, affectionate and smart 11-year old boy diagnosed with stage III of HIV virus.  When he was 6 years old, he was transferred from a baby house to a specialized orphanage where he was repeatedly mistreated by older boys with no protection from the staff.  Upon hearing of this, his baby house director transferred Marat back to the baby house against all regulations.  While the transfer was done legally, any Social Services investigation may result in Marat’s transfer back to the institution and his beloved director fired.

MaratHIV1Marat’s situation may seem hopeless – his diagnosis automatically means he will never be adopted by a local family and if his health deteriorates or he is transferred to an instituion he may not live until his 16th birthday to start an independent life.  Marat can see only certain doctors who know about his situation and are trusted not to report him to the Social Services.  All of them agreee he has been pretty lucky so far, but what will tomorrow bring?.  Because there are other young kids with HIV in the same orphanage, Marat is able to receive some sustaining treatment and his orphanage director can only hope this would be enough for the next five years.  Marat himself remains optimistic and tries to enjoy his life and studies – his public school teachers call him brilliant – for as long as he can.

There is no clear plan for any possible treatment for Marat at the moment because of his “underground” status, but we are hoping for sponsors to brighten Marat’s life with some presents and/or funds to buy fruits and vegetables (for the entire group) to boost his immune system.

Update: Marat has found a forever family together with his orphanage best friend.