Little Mary is a precious three year old girl living in Central Region, Ghana. While Americans think of three years old as very early to start formal education, Ghanaians prefer to have their children in “Creche School” beginning at one year old. There is a certain amount of shame following families that aren’t able to provide education for their children at one year old.

Mary is the oldest of three children in her home. Many days she helps her mother take care of the babies while they try to sell oranges in the market. Mary’s father is unemployed; often away from their home searching for a job that never seems to come. Even with these hardships we’re told that Mary is a tenacious little girl that loves running around the church disturbing her elders during the service!

Mary’s family needs financial assistance of $35 per month in order to provide her with the early education she requires Providing this education also ensures that little Mary will be safe from hazards that surround her during the day as her mother tries to help provide for the family. Will you be the one to make a difference in Mary’s life?