Misha is a charming, smart, and athletic young man.  He articulates his thoughts unexpectedly well for a thirteen-year old… only with his hands.  Misha has been born deaf and was abandoned at the hospital when his mother found out about it.  In a specialized orphanage, Misha has learned to communicate with others and made friends among both adults and peers.  A lot of his friends simply attend the boarding school for its specialized education, and go home to their families over the weekends.  It’s hard not to feel envious, Misha admits, but he is just happy for his friends who are lucky to have supportive families and homes.

It did not take Misha long to draw his wish as he was asked to — a home surrounded by flowers, and he admitted shyly that people do not come out well in his drawings.  His caretaker tried to explain as tactfully as she could that this kind of wish most likely won’t come true, and he should instead draw something tangible like a bike he also wanted.  “But no bike can be better than a family, right?” Misha responded.  Here is what he has written in his note:

“I want a big home.  I need kind Mom, Dad, Grandma, a brother and a sister.  I very much love to draw, watch [TV?] and read books, swim, fish, and play ball.  I would like a new bike.  I like grain cereals and cakes.  I like cats and dogs.  I love flowers.  I also love to sew.  I would have liked to have a VCR at home.  And I like playing computer games.”

We thank Laura and her family from Los Gatos, CA, for granting Misha’s wish.