Five-year old Yana is a charming, dreamy and shy little girl who has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.  When she sings, she forgets how hard it is to be an orphan.  There are many kids around with similar stories – abandoned at birth, mother deprived of parental rights and later dying.  Unlike many of her friends at the orphanage, Yana has almost zero chances to be adopted by a local family because of her 2nd/3rd stage of HIV+.  If she is not miraculously adopted by a foreign family, she will be transferred to the same institution Marat was sent originally and her orphanage director is genuinely worried about her future there.

There is no requested need for treatment for Yana at the moment in addition to what she receives at the orphanage, but we are hoping for sponsors to brighten Yana’s life with some presents (perhaps a toy piano) and/or funds to buy fruits and vegetables (for the entire group) to boost her immune system.