Ministry of Justice (MOJ) – Bulgarian Central Adoption Authority – places special-needs and older children, as well as large sibling groups who couldn’t find their forever families domestically on a large Waiting Children List for international adoption.  Every month MOJ distributes files of waiting kids between Bulgarian adoption agencies accredited by the MOJ. Each agency has about two months to match assigned waiting children with overseas families. If a Bulgarian agency is able to find a family willing to commit to a specific child off the Waiting List, that family’s commitment documents are filed with the MOJ and the family is given six months to complete and submit a full dossier and proceed with an adoption. If no family has been located, a waiting child’s file gets returned to the MOJ and MOJ then assigns it to another accredited agency for the next two months, and so on.

About A Child works with three Bulgarian accredited agencies, and thus has access to a large number of files from the Waiting Children List, on a rotating basis. Please note that all our Bulgarian partner agencies in turn collaborate with other American adoption agencies and thus the same Bulgarian waiting child may be listed with multiple American adoption agencies. Once a match is made, the Bulgarian adoption agency handling child’s case in turn notifies all of its American partner agencies that the child is no longer available for adoption. This effectively eliminates situations in which two separate families simultaneously pursue adoption of the same child.

To obtain access to the list of Bulgarian waiting kids whose files were issued to our partner Bulgarian agencies, please commit to our Waiting Children Privacy Policy. Please note that occasionally About A Child continues listing Bulgarian waiting kids whose files may no longer be with our partner attorneys. About A Child, through its partner Bulgarian agencies, may still inquire with the MOJ on the status of these children, and request the file within the next few months if the agency currently holding the child’s file is unable to make a match.