Bulgaria Bulgaria

Bulgaria is quickly becoming of the most popular adoption programs in Eastern Europe. In the past few years, adoptions out of Bulgaria have been steadily increasing and special-needs children have been put on a waiting list renewed on a regular basis. Prospective families are able to officially request additional information about these children prior to […] Read more


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Ghana Ghana

Ghana is a small, beautiful country located in the heart of West Africa. Unfortunately, the economy has struggled and like other African countries, the majority of the population lives in poverty. Traditionally extended family would take on orphaned family members, but with a struggling economy, individual circumstances are often dire and they have found it […] Read more

Guatemala Guatemala

Guatemala is a warm and hospitable Latin American country, rich in history and Mayan culture. Nevertheless, we call Guatemala “a developing country” to describe its weak economy and overwhelming poverty, especially in the country-side. Extreme poverty, coupled with ostracism towards unwed mothers, leads many women no choice but to give up their children for adoption. […] Read more

Hungary Hungary

Hungary is one of Eastern Europe’s most developed countries, with stable economy and politics. It is a member of both European Union and NATO. It has a good social welfare system that provides well for children left without parental care in both orphanages and foster homes. Although Hungarian government makes sure all basic needs of […] Read more

Latvia Latvia

Latvia is one of the least known Eastern European countries processing international adoptions. For a number of years, strenuous requirements of months-long bonding period before the adoption discouraged potential parents. Recent laws, however, allowed orphan courts (local guardianship authority) to shorten the bonding period to their discretion, and foreign couples are now asked to spend […] Read more

Poland Poland

Poland is a lesser-known destination, for a long time overshadowed by more popular Russia and Ukraine programs. As a Hague program, it offers stability and transparency of the process, even more valuable today in light of Russia’s moratorium. At a first glance, Poland might appear to be more selective when it comes to adoptive families […] Read more

Russia Russia

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has undergone a deep economic crisis it is still recovering from. Billions of people were left jobless and insecure. Many could not afford to provide for their children and thousands of kids of all ages ended up in state orphanages. While Russia is making great strides at […] Read more

Serbia Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is a beautiful Balkan country in the heart of Eastern Europe. Serbia is a part of the Hague Convention on International Adoption and Protection of Children. Serbia has worked hard in the past few years to reconstruct their orphanages and institutions and to ensure that children living in state custody are […] Read more

Uganda Uganda

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Ukraine Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia were previously united by a political treaty for over 300 years until Ukraine regained its independence in 1991. Although greatly influenced by Russia throughout the years, Ukraine retained its unique language and culture, as well as genuine warmth and hospitality of its people. New Yuschenko administration places a specific emphasis on children’s […] Read more

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the lesser known countries that was once a part of the former Soviet Union. It is a fascinating country, with centuries-old history and culture that could not be eradicated even by decades of communist regime. It is not surprising, therefore, that Uzbekistan’s orphanage system similar to that of Russia or other […] Read more