The home study (often written as one word, homestudy) is a detailed written report compiled by a social worker and can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to complete. The adoption home study requires the prospective adoptive parents to gather different documents, answer multiple questions, and explore their reasons for adopting. The prospective adoptive family will be required to provide background information on the adoptive mother and father, marriage, their children, childrearing practices, health, finances, religious affiliation, as well as home, neighborhood and community information.

Each state or country, in an international adoption, may require different information to be included in the home study. It is always important to have the placement agency preview the rough draft of the home study before it is sent to the country of adoption.

The process contains meetings in the home and/or mutually agreed upon locations. At least one visit must be in the applicant’s home. Through a series of visits and interviews the social worker can get a complete picture of who you are and what life is like in your family. The adoption home study is a part of the decision making process for both the prospective family and the workers.

About A Child is pleased to offer its home study assessment and adoption preparation services to Iowa residents. We strive to complete all home studies in the least amount of time without sacrificing neither the home study quality nor the comfort level of each family.

For an Iowa home study a minimum of two visits must be completed with at least one visit in the home. Once the home study is complete, About A Child will submit the home study to the USCIS office to continue with the adoption process.

For questions in regards to the home study process, please contact our Social Services Director Carla Tripp.