We are delighted and honored to be assisting adoptive parents on their journey. Whatever twists and turns the road might take, we will be there every step of the way.

Information and Counseling

  • We explain and go into every detail of the international adoption process, breaking it down step-by step and answering your every question.
  • We provide full disclosure on current international adoption programs, including requirements, costs, timelines, and children availability.
  • We assist in locating a homestudy agency near you and work with your social worker on conforming your homestudy to specific country and USCIS requirements.
  • We inform you of any changes in U.S. and international laws or adoption process and work together on adjusting to these changes.
  • We constantly monitor the status of your dossier while abroad and keep you informed at which stage of the process you are.
  • We are always at your side and on your side. We are always her eto advise, to help and to support in whatever decision you make.

Paperwork Assistance

  • We help you get through mountains of paperwork required in international dossier by answering all your questions and directing to proper document issuing and authenticating authorities.
  • We provide an online dossier compilation guide containing up-to-date forms and detailed instructions, regularly updated as we learn of changes in foreign requirements.
  • We proofread your dossier thoroughly before submitting it for translation. Up till now, we have had no dossier rejected for incompletion or inaccuracy by foreign authorities.
  • For Iowa residents, we offer high-quality and expedient homestudy services. We are happy to complete your homestudy even if you are looking to adopt through a different agency.

Referral Evaluation

  • For countries that allow pre-travel referrals, we obtain all available and allowable information about the children, including pictures, videos, health reports and birth family information. We vouch to disclose all information we receive, but warn families of possible missing or inaccurate information provided by foreign authorities.
  • For countries that do not allow pre-travel referrals, our overseas staff helps you in translating and evaluating all referral information provided by foreign authorities, translating conversations with referred children and orphanage doctors. If requested, they may offer personal advice based on years of experience in the adoption field.
  • We always support your decision despite any difficulties in obtaining a different referral. Neither U.S. staff, nor overseas coordinators may forceyou to accept or reject a referral against your wishes.
  • We direct you to medical resources, including a list ofinternational adoption doctors, or you can choose your own pediatrician to evaluate the medical file of your child.

Adoption Trip Support

  • We offer instructions and recommendations on obtaining visas, making travel arrangements, packing and traveling abroad.
  • Our overseas coordinators provide continuous and all-encompassing adoption assistance from your airport arrival to the time you leave home with your children. This includes all relevant interpretation, negotiation, legal representation, in-country transportation and lodging arrangements and logistics.
  • Whenever possible, any special travel requests such as traveling with small children, friends and extended family, are accommodated and encouraged.
  • Our state-side caseworkers contact traveling families as often as possible to answer questions and offer moral support. They remain point-of-contact for family and friends left behind.

Post-Adoption and Adjustment Assistance

  • We remain there for you even after your adoption is finalized and you arrive home with your children. We provide guidance on completing post-adoption paperwork, obtaining medical and educational resources and any other range of issues that may arise upon arrival.
  • Our online family support network of experienced adoptive and bio parents can provide informal advice and first-hand experience on dealing with adjustment issues in children of all ages.
  • We keep in touch with most of our adoptive families and kids. By the end of the adoption process we often become and stay friends, bound by an amazing odyssey we traveled together.