Families residing in Iowa and using international placement services of an out of state agency are required to have their home study and post placement reports completed by a licensed homestudy provider in Iowa. About A Child will work cooperatively with another child placing agency to complete the required home study portion of the adoption as well as any required post-placement reports. We will also complete any additional paperwork required by a placement agency, such as a separate family recommendation, post-placement obligations statement, and similar requested documents.

The oversight services include more than just a homestudy, education, and post-placement reports. About A Child accepts responsibility for providing adequate post-adoption supervision required by the placement agency. In some cases, About A Child will be required to sign an agreement with the placement agency, promising to oversee family’s consular registration and provide post-placement reports in a timely manner as required by the country of adoption.

The Oversight Program is open to all Iowa families using an out-of-state international placement agency. Iowa families using About A Child for their homestudy, international placement and post-placement services are not charged any extra for the oversight services.