About A Child recognizes a need for carefully managed photo listings of children who are considered hard-to-place by their native country due to age/race/health status or presence of siblings who need to be placed together with the child.

Sharing some personal information about these children, including but not limited to their photo, name, birth date, personal description, etc., with all prospective parents may increase the chances of these kids to find families who would otherwise not consider the country program as their top choice. About A Child grants access to our Waiting Children List that may contain identifiable information such as photos and birthdays only to families who read, understand and commit to adhere to this policy.

Prospective adoptive families may use children’s personal information received from AAC via the Waiting Children page and personal e-mails only for the purposes of making a decision on the country of adoption or adoption of an individual Waiting Child.

Any distribution of waiting children’s personal information (before adoption is finalized) to third parties via internet, mail or personal communication, without prior permission from About A Child, is strictly prohibited.  Any sharing of proprietary login information used to access personal information about the children with third parties is strictly prohibited. 

Violation of this policy will result in immediate access restriction to the Waiting Children List.  For families that have signed AAC Service Agreement, violation of this policy will be considered breach of contract (Confidentiality Clause).

About A Child uses the internet in the placement of individual children eligible for adoption only where:

  • such use is not prohibited by Iowa and U.S. Federal law or by the laws of the child’s country of origin;
  • such use is subject to controls to avoid misuse and links to any sites that reflect practices that involve the sale, abduction, exploitation or trafficking of children;
  • such use is designed to identify children either who are currently waiting for adoption or who have already been adopted or placed for adoption (and who are clearly so identified); and
  • such use does not serve as a substitute for the direct provision of adoption services, including services to the child, the prospective adoptive parent(s), and/or birth parent(s).
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