Internet revolution has shaken the world. Corporations fell, even more sprouted in their place. Fortunes were made, new industries were created. For most orphanages in developing countries, nothing has changed. They remained un-known, under-funded, and sometimes un-disclosed to the general public to conceal appalling poverty and unsuitable living conditions.

A few orphanages were lucky to find sponsors such as Western churches, charitable organizations, or adoptive parents’ groups. Help arrives on a regular basis and covers at least the very basic needs.

Many more children’s homes and boarding schools are still wishing on a falling star. At the moment, we are not able to help them. We can only carry their voice across the ocean to be heard by people like you.

We are creating bilingual web sites for orphanages that may not have Internet access themselves but want to be reached via the web. They are waiting for your compassion.

Please remember that most Eastern European countries prohibit adoption photolistings. All photographs provided by the orphanages are for general information purposes only and do not promote adoption of specific children.

Families interested in adoption are welcome to participate in our other online projects aimed towards affordability and accountability of international adoption.

Some of our projects are still under construction. Please wear a hard hat and welcome to out site.