Here in America we often take for granted the free education available for all children. We no longer think of it as a privilege, but instead it is an expectation. In much of the rest of the world education is a precious gift only given to a minority of children. Even children who have been given the privilege of going to school may not have the resources available for book bags, uniforms, lunch money, or special tutors.

AAC’s Educational Sponsorship programs endeavour to provide educational opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children who would otherwise not be able to go to school. For a child living in a vulnerable situation, receiving an education may be the single greatest factor in their ability to leave the cycle of poverty behind. For children living in orphanage situations where basic education may be provided, having access to tutoring or special educational materials may be the difference in graduating, or not. Some children need ongoing sponsorship, while others need a one-time gift to assist in their education.

Put simply, education saves lives. Click on the photos below to read stories of those who have already been assisted, and those who are still waiting to be received by a generous sponsor family. You can be the one who makes a forever difference in the life of a child!

“Healing Touch” Ghana Sponsorship Program

  • Works in partnership with “Healing Touch Overseas,” a licensed Ghanaian NGO.
  • Children may be 2 years to 18 years of age, orphaned or vulnerable.
  • At times, sibling groups may be in need of sponsorship.
  • Most children are located near Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana.

Money Matters:

  • Cost is $35 per month for children in Primary school. Upper grades may require additional funds, or more than one sponsor family.
  • 100% of the sponsorship money received is used for the purpose of providing the child’s education.
  • The sponsorship covers the cost of school tuition and fees, books, and one uniform every six months.
  • At any time the sponsor may send additional funds to cover the cost of such items as book bags, new school shoes, lunch money (1-2 cedis per day) or additional uniform (optional).


  • Sponsors may send one letter each month (not required), scanned and attached to email, which will then be forwarded to Healing Touch in Ghana. The letter is printed and delivered to the sponsor child. Email is used to eliminate the cost of delivery, but sponsor may send letters/small packages to their sponsor child via FedEx at their own cost.
  • Child updates will be delivered to sponsor family *at least* once every quarter, but it may be more often than that. Updates may include photos, letter, school work examples, and/or grade card.
  • Sponsor may visit the child in Ghana if desired. Travel will be at the sponsor’s cost. This can be a great way to make a very personal connection with your sponsor child.
  • Sponsor children will often refer to sponsor families as “Adoptive Family,” “Mommy/Daddy” or “American Mommy/Daddy.” The bio families of the children encourage this language as a show of respect to the sponsor family. Sponsor families should feel free to use the term “Ghanaian son/daughter” in correspondence.  However, sponsors shall understand that most children being sponsored have bio families that care about them and these children are not available for international adoption.

Please contact Anita Gillispie for more information and instructions on how to sponsor a child.