Most orphanages don’t have children closets. Slim lockers contain all earthly possessions of an orphan – a change of clothes for a day, schoolbooks if any, and someone lucky may have a photo or two from their “past life.”

All clothes are shared between children, regardless of age. All toys are communal property. A few orphanages with a budget for some Birthday or Christmas presents cannot afford anything but bare necessities.

But it does not stop orphans from dreaming of “real presents.” A doll, a bicycle, a new dress, they all mean so much to kids with nothing of their own. Every little wish coming true is already a miracle.

Anyone can become a Personal Fairy for these kids.  Once a month, or once a year, or once in a lifetime, you can bring so much joy it won’t fit in any locker.  And a little dreamer from another hemisphere will know he is no longer alone in this world.

We learn of children’s dreams sometimes from caretakers, sometimes from missionaries, and sometimes from adoptive parents leaving other kids behind.  We write each of these dreams on our Wishing Wall until a Fairy comes along asking for an assignment.

We gladly give our contact in the region – an orphanage director, a social worker, or just a friend.  After you send a donation or a care package directly to our contact, you will receive back a picture of the child, or a scanned thank-you drawing, or some other proof of your generosity reaching the child.  We ask in return for a child’s story and a new picture/drawing to remain on our site as an encouragement to others.  No tricks, just magic.