Thousands of children with disabilities and special needs are abandoned at birth. Some issues are correctable, and some are not. Most of the time, even correctable problems are not corrected. There is no money, no necessary equipment at the public hospitals, or simply no interest. These children are abandoned twice: by their mothers and by their governments. Their last hope lies with strangers like you. Please click on pictures below to read individual stories of those who has received help and those still waiting.

Medical care costs (including private healthcare) in Eastern Europe and Africa are miniscule compared to those in the U.S.  Some complex surgeries can be done under a thousand dollars, some medical equipment and medicine purchased for less.  Even larger medical expenditures can be covered when several people contribute at once.

A large portion of our profits is dedicated to those who need it most: orphans with correctable disabilities.  At the moment, we are focusing on children with relatively minor issues requiring inexpensive treatment.  With your assistance, we might be able to help more children with a wider range of problems, such as cancer, cerebral palsy, severe heart defects, and more.

Whenever possible, we like to provide contact information for the orphanage or hospital caring for the child.  Families are welcome to send their donations directly to the contact person abroad.  In some instances About A Child may act as an intermediary in collecting funds in U.S. and wiring the grand total, in order to save on international transfer fees for individual contributions.

When acting as an intermediary, we require full accountability from hospitals and orphanages, including pictures, receipts, or medical statements.  We can provide donors with all supporting documentation we receive, as well as money transfer records.

Thank you for giving someone a chance… to walk, to breathe, to live.