My journey beganduring a college internship at an international adoption agency. It didn’t take long to realize what an awesome career field I had stumbled upon. Once I began to witness the rewards of working in the adoption field, I knew it was for me! I always knew I wanted a unique job; something I could be proud of, but most importantly a job that I love and allows me to follow my passion – seeing smiles on faces that may not have otherwise been there. Since graduating with a bachelor’sdegree in Child and Family Services, I have had the opportunityto experience several positions within the adoption field: Adoption Associate, Agency Social Worker, Eastern European Program Director, and Independent Adoption Investigator. I am proud to be connected with About A Child as the Social Service Director. Outside of being a parent to two beautiful girls, bringing families and children together is by far themost rewarding job there is. I take pride in what I do and I look forward to helping you build or add to your family through the wonderful journey of adoption.

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