Jessica Laird

I grew up in a community that participated in an annual orphan hosting program from Ukraine, which led to many adoptions in the families around me. Being exposed to so many children whose lives were forever altered by adoption had a profound impact on me, and I knew from a young age that adoption would be a part of my own life one day. Although I didn’t know at the time how much adoption would affect my life, I did know that I had a deep love for children and went on to study Christian Education and Youth Ministry at Cedarville University. It was there that I was fortunate enough to meet and marry my equally adoption-minded husband. We decided that because we felt so strongly about orphans becoming sons and daughters, we would grow our family through adoption rather than through pregnancies. We began our adoption journey with the help of About A Child, and in December 2014, we traveled to Poland and met our then 18-month-old son, Elliott Seth.

Prior to our adoption, I worked in church ministry as the Children’s Ministry Director of a church in Eastern Iowa. Although I enjoyed this immensely, I knew my heart truly lied in serving children in another way – through uniting them with forever families. About A Child forever changed our lives by bringing us to our wonderful son, and nothing excites me more than seeing other families on that same journey.   I consider it a great honor and privilege to now play a role in seeing children just like my son be welcomed into loving families.

I would love to talk to you about the Polish adoption process and be a part of your own adoption journey! You can reach me at