Hello and welcome to About A Child. Thank you for coming by and reading our stories.

Born in Russia and raised in Ukraine, I moved to U.S. at the age of twelve. Since I knew practically no English, the adjustment process was difficult. Frustration of those first few months helps me relate to what many school-aged adopted kids face upon arrival. I finished high school and was fortunate to receive some scholarships to go on to Stanford. At first, I was unsure of my English skills and felt more comfortable with exact sciences, getting an M.S. in Operations Research. Like many of my friends in Silicon Valley, I was first drawn to high-tech industry, but in a few years realized that the world of software is not as fulfilling to my heart. I explored volunteering opportunities where I could help needy children in my motherland. International adoption and humanitarian work became my passion and now a career. Every day that I look on pictures of children who found new homes and families, or at least sponsors overseas, I find more energy, joy, and hope to see more kids happier and healthier.

When I founded About A Child, I was a lucky mom to an adorable baby girl, and wanted to share my joy of motherhood with everyone around.  Even more so, I wanted every child to feel love and security only a permanent family can bring.  Today, over ten years later, quite a few pounds heavier and one more kid happier, I still have the same goals.  I know it’s impossible to eradicate poverty, diseases and wars that leave children orphaned, but together we can still make a difference. As someone wise once said, “Adopting one child won’t change the world, but for that one child, the world will change.”

I will be very happy to hear from you at vic@aboutachild.org about adopting or sponsoring children in need. Thank you for all you can do.