No child becomes an orphan by choice.  No child wants to be alone in the world.  Whether they are old enough to understand their status, or still in their cribs eagerly waiting for some affection, these kids want a Mom and a Dad more than anything else.

Across the ocean, thousands of families are ready to open up their hearts and homes to these same kids.  We want to help them find each other.

Adopting a child – just like giving birth – is a lifetime commitment to love, cherish, care, worry, protect, guide, teach, support… The list goes on and on.  It is not easy being a parent under any circumstances.  It is even more difficult being an adoptive parent, as world bureaucrats require you to prove your worth through strenuous evaluation process and tedious adoption procedures.

Taking the adoption route takes strength, fortitude and bottomless love.  It involves ever-changing laws and regulations of at least two countries.  It involves travel abroad to a foreign-speaking country.  Most importantly, it involves enormous emotional commitment throughout the entire adoption process.  We salute all parents who take this road less traveled by.  We thank you for the honor of helping you on this journey.