International adoption is a tedious, emotional and ultimately rewarding journey like no other. We are happy tooffer our expertise, compassion and personal attention to all qualified families. We can work with U.S. families, American expats and military families stationed abroad, and on occasion are able to assist adoptive families from Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America. We do not discriminate parents on the basis of faith, race, age, health, income or marital status. However, in international adoption the ultimate placement decision lies with aforeign adoption authority, and we advise all our clients on the likelihood of their adoption being processed in each country we work with.

We cannot control foreign governments and adoption authorities abroad, but we can make your adoption experience easier by providing prompt and honest communication, impeccable paperwork assistance and our hearts and ears any time you need moral support or extra hand-holding.

Our services do not stop when you arrive home with your children. We would be happy to provide post-adoption paperwork assistance, translation services and counseling or professional referrals if any issues arise.

We are delighted to offer free consultations and free application process before you sign up to determine whether you qualify for any of our international programs and whether any one of them might be right for you.