No orphanage can replace a home and no caretaker can replace a loving family. Every child deserves a happy, secure and joyful childhood and future. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to provide for their kids.

Not many people know that most children residing in orphanages are not technically orphans. Many have at least one parent or relative too poor to support the child, but loving and caring enough to visit the child regularly at the orphanage. Others have parents who may not care about their kids, but their parental rights may have not been taken away and thus the children are still not available for adoption.

Most orphanages provide for these children’s basic needs – clothes, food, school, medicine. But the clothes is often old torn and out of season, the food isn’t diverse and nutritious, the schooling is inadequate to go on to college and public healthcare system may not cover medical procedures or more expensive medicine.

These kids desperately need your help. They need not only material things that are not provided by their orphanage like warm clothes or extra tutoring. They need to know someone cares enough about them, absolutely altruistically, to brighten their lives and bring happiness and joy.

When you sponsor one of these children, your love transcends all borders and goes straight into a little heart. You may not make a huge difference in the world, but your kindness will change the entire world for one child.